When to Secure Next Year’s Student Accommodation in Plymouth – Get Sorted Early


Securing Student Accommodation in Plymouth? – Get Sorted Early

After Fresher’s Week and the madness that ensues in your first few weeks and months at Uni, it may feel like you’ve hardly been there any time at all before people start talking about who they’ll be living with next year. Many students who live in halls for the first year decide to move into rented accommodation for their second and third years, and there are those that use rented property for the entirety of their time at uni. Whichever year you’re in, there are benefits to being on the ball when it comes to securing next year’s property. At Student Rooms 4 U we’ve seen it all before and can help with all your student accommodation needs in Plymouth.

Student Accommodation in Plymouth – Good Deals Get Snapped Up

Whether it’s in an awesome location, the house is nicely furnished and has spacious rooms, or it’s an absolute bargain considering all these aspects, the best houses in any city will get snapped up fast. You don’t want to be scraping the bottom of the barrel when all your friends have got nice places sorted, so make sure you don’t leave it too late to find a nice property.

After your first few weeks at Uni, you’ll probably have an idea of which areas are best to have property in and you can start looking for deals. There will be a set time when all the estate agents locally will start releasing information for next years students, so try and find out when that will be and start thinking about it now. Be wary of not searching before that date – you might be looking only at properties that were left over from the previous year!

Student Accommodation in Plymouth – Go with Your Gut

Friendships can be fickle and you’ll have no end to the opportunities to make friends at uni. People you’ve lived with in first year, course mates, friends from social groups and clubs, friends from home, work colleagues… there will be pros and cons to making friends in these different areas of your uni life. An important thing to consider is what your priority will be next year. Sure, for your first year you mightn’t mind spending all your time with that crazy friend who goes out every Friday and Saturday night and who has been known to skip a few classes… but in second and third year, most students want to knuckle down and make the most of their studies. Don’t be lumbered with a party animal friend if you know you want to take your studies seriously.

If you’re not sure who to live with, have a look on housing forums to find likeminded people. Student houses don’t have to be hectic and crowded – there are properties available for just a handful of tenants, and you can even live by yourself if that’s your preference, just bear in mind that it might carry a greater cost. When it comes to choosing who you’re going to live with, think about it carefully and trust your gut instinct. Also here at Student Rooms 4 U we can match you up or suggest some of our great properties to share with your friends.

The Busy Period

In the run up to Christmas, most students are looking forward to spending a bit of time at home and don’t usually have too many exams/essays due at that time. The real work tends to start in the spring term as you ramp up to the end of year exams. That’s why it’s a good idea to be thinking about next year’s accommodation before the holidays. The last thing you want is to get back, fresh from the winter break, and have to balance your free time around house hunting and also getting on with your studies. If you leave it until around Easter, you’ll certainly struggle to find somewhere good, so if you can get on it before the Christmas holiday, you’ll thank yourself in the long run. Some students even manage to secure their property before the end of November, so if you’re keen on living in a certain area or have a property in mind, get on it.

Ask an Expert

Modesty aside, Student Rooms 4 U are leading student accommodation experts in Plymouth so ask us, first and foremost, to see if we can help. Those studying in the year above you might seem like they’re wise and knowledgeable in incomprehensible ways, but remember they’ve only got a year on you and were in the same position just twelve months ago. If you’re getting into a flap about when to be looking into accommodation, how to pick and where to look, ask advice from someone in the year above. You can easily connect with older students through social groups and they’ll be pleased to pass on some advice. Some third-year students might even be able to secure you an early viewing if they’ll be moving out of their property in the summer, so it pays to have friends in high places!

Take Your Time

This may sound contrary to everything else we’ve just said, but the truth is… don’t panic. You’re not going to find yourself in a situation where there literally isn’t a single place left for you to rent, so there’s no need to run around like a headless chicken. If you are prepared and consider your options early, you can afford to take the time to make a good choice. Snap decisions shouldn’t be made lightly regarding accommodation, whether it’s relating to where you live or who you live with.

Start thinking now about the following things:

  • Which area do I want to live in?
  • Do I have any close friends I want to live with?
  • What’s my budget?
  • How many people do I want to live with?
  • What are my priorities?
  • What must the property have?

Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and also provide estate agents with clear information. There’s plenty of advice and support out there if you need it, so enjoy the process – it’s an exciting time!

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