Questions about Student Accommodation in Plymouth?



If you have questions about student accommodation in Plymouth but don’t know where to start or are embarrassed to ask, let us help!

You will inevitably have questions about Student Accommodation in Plymouth.  At Student Rooms 4 U we actively encourage you to ask questions. Having owned and managed student homes in Plymouth for over 20 years, there aren’t many questions we haven’t already been asked!

We want you, your parents and your house mates to feel completely comfortable with your student housing choice.  This means not only with your contractual obligations, but also with your everyday welfare and accommodation needs.

We are aware that many of you have left home for the first time and have only ever lived in student halls of residence. You may not even know what questions to ask a large, private student landlord – but that’s ok!

We have put together a selection of questions that we are frequently asked, with accompanying answers to give you a head start. We hope you find this helpful when making your decision choosing student accommodation in Plymouth.

Do I Have To Pay a Deposit For My Student Accommodation in Plymouth?

No, at Student Rooms 4 U we do not charge deposits.

Do I Have To Pay Administration Fees?

No Student Rooms 4 U we do not ask for administration fees.

Do I Need a Guarantor?

No we do not ask for guarantors, although many agencies and landlords do.

Will You Credit Check Me?

No, we don’t credit check your application.

Does My Rent Cover Broadband?

In our shared houses your rental price is inclusive of utility bills* and the UK’s fastest available broadband with download speeds of 350mbps (business connections).

Our apartments include utility bills* only at present, but are competitively priced to reflect this.

*Up to a £10 allowance per person, per week

Will I Have To Pay Council Tax For My Student Accommodation in Plymouth?

No. If you are a student in full time education (21 hours or more a week) then you are exempt from council tax. You will need to ensure that this exemption is recognised by Plymouth City Council and should check with them that your status is correct.

Your contractual agreement with us passes the onus of any council tax issue to you. If you cease to qualify for the student exemption (if you are no longer a full-time student) you will become personally liable for the whole amount of any council tax bill and this will fall on the whole property, not just your room, so in a 15 bedroom property this will amount to a lot of money. For more information about council tax for students follow this link to the Government website.

Will I Have To Cover Rent If One Of Our Housemates Drops Out Through The Year?

No.  We offer individual contracts where you are responsible for your own study room, and a share of the communal areas.  If your housemate decides to leave half the way through the year, this should not affect you financially, it remains your house-mate’s contractual responsibility to pay rent or find an acceptable replacement.

Is There Anywhere I Can Park My Car?

Yes, we can offer car parking in some of our student properties. For those that qualify for residential parking permits, they can be purchased from Plymouth City council for £30.00. Please visit the Plymouth City Council website to see which areas qualify and how the application process works.

For those properties that do not qualify, we own two private, off road car parks where you can purchase an allocated space for the duration of your tenancy. These car parks are located at 25 Addison Road and Bedford Terrace behind two of our larger blocks of student properties. You can reserve a parking space at no cost but the balance will need to be paid with your first terms rent.

Further Questions? Get In Touch!

We hope that these questions help address some of your queries, whether with us or other landlords or agents.

Please do feel free to pick up the phone and talk to us on 01752 849232, we are more than happy to answer ALL of your questions. If it’s easier to email your student accommodation related queries then please contact us via our online enquiry form here.

We look forward to hearing from you!