Making the most of your money as a student at Plymouth University


You will no doubt, have received your student accommodation sorted as near to the University as possible, but if not, or you know anyone looking, here is a reminder of why you should call Student Rooms 4U:

    • All properties within 250m of the University of Plymouth
    • Our properties are all rated ‘A Grade for ‘Quality by the University of Plymouth Accommodation Service
    • Our shared home prices are inclusive of gas, electricity, water, (plus lots of additional benefits)
    • Our shared houses have Virgin Media Broadband, with 350mgbs and unlimited uploads and downloads for FREE!
    • Our apartment prices are inclusive of gas, electricity and water
    • No deposits
    • No administration fees
    • No guarantors requested
    • Individual tenancies
    • Friendly and Efficient Staff
    • Deal directly with us – Your Landlords

Apart from your studies, one of the top priorities is making your money stretch a little further

So, student accommodation in Plymouth sorted, how about a few ways of making that money stretch that little bit further? Here are a few of our favourites:

Apps that save students money

You can often get freebies and/or money off some of your regular shopping by using a few apps. Just check before you do your shopping to see what is on offer. Clicksnap, which is part of Quidco offer one of the quickest ways to get your cashback from your purchases, with money transferred into your Quidco account usually within 7 days. Another app is Checkout Smart which allows you to withdraw your money once you have reached £19.

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Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are effectively free money so don’t miss out on them. Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s, both opposite Plymouth University, have points-based loyalty cards and it’s surprising how the points stack up throughout the year. The Coop, although a little pricier offer some great reductions with the added bonus of being able to use your NUS card which gives you 10% off your shopping. Use this together with a Coop loyalty card for any own brand products and you can start saving on your shopping.

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Low cost supermarkets

Aldi and Lidl are similar, and it is estimated the average basket of essentials such as milk, bread, eggs etc could be 27% cheaper at Aldi and Lidl. According to the Student Money Survey 2015 from Save the Student, the average student spends just under £30 per week on food, so shopping here could reduce your shop considerably. They also offer large catering sizes of pasta and rice in 5kg bags which further reduces the price of your shop. Why not all chip in together to save even more money?

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For general shopping, cashback is a great way to get money for free. The two main sites are Quidco and Topcashback. You register with them and then search their database for the shop you are interested in. They typically give you between 5% and 20% so well worth the effort.

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Eating out versus eating in

Eat out, shop or order takeaways. It’s part of everyday life and especially as a student, every penny helps, so make sure you do it as cheap as you can.

Voucher cloud is a popular app that once installed on your phone, tells you useful information. Often Nandos will have a 20% off code or you may find there is a free cup of coffee from Nero if you pay with Mastercard. Pizza Express often give you up to 40% off on certain nights of the week so keep on the lookout.

Ordering takeaways through Just Eat can also save you money, particularly through the cashback sites, as depending on the offer at the time they can provide you with £10 or £20 off codes.

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Advanced planning is the key to saving money on travel, especially train journeys. Buying train tickets at least 12 weeks in advance can often see you with a single to London for £13.  Check National Rail for ticket prices and times. The other way to get cheap train tickets is to split your ticket with Train Split. You stay on the same train and sometimes even in the same seat, but you can halve the cost. Be aware that this site charges you a booking fee, so find out how and where to split your ticket and then go back to National Rail to actually make the booking.

16-25 railcards, also available to all full time Higher Education students whatever your age, can save you up to 1/3 off your travel price on top of splitting your ticket etc.

Megabus are great for getting a cheap coach back home, they leave regularly from Plymouth and have come a long way from the double decker bus that used to go all around the country!  Fares start from as little as £1, and it’s also worth looking at the Mega Train which leaves from Exeter.

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