Enjoy Christmas in the Armada House

Have an Epic Student Christmas With Friends in the Armada House

For some people, their uni rental is just a place to lay their heads and get on with their work for a few years. But if you’re a sociable person who loves making friends and inviting people over, the place you live could be the centre of your social life while you’re studying. With Christmas approaching, this sociable time of year reminds us that it’s who we live with that can really make our time at uni special. Would you relish the experience of living in our popular Armada House? Take a look at our Virtual Tour before you give us a call, https://www.studentrooms4u.co.uk/virtual-tours/.

Unrivalled Size and Diversity

Most rentals for students only have a handful of rooms on offer, and while some students prefer a quieter space, there are certainly benefits to living somewhere larger. If you’re a big group of friends wanting to share together, or you’re looking for the chance to make many new friends, you’re unlikely to find another rental that can cater for so many tenants. Armada House has fifteen beds, but also has variation on offer. Here are the key facts:

  • The house is spread over three floors, with two separate units (a four-bed apartment and a single/couples apartment) on the ground floor, eight bedrooms (both shared bathroom and en suite available) on the top floor, sandwiching the middle floor which has two bedrooms as well as a huge living area, bathrooms and two kitchen/diners.
  • The four-bed apartment comprises of four double rooms, a shared shower room, and a small kitchen/dining space. This set-up is perfect for those who want a bit more privacy but are still part of a bustling, fun house – and of course, tenants with bedrooms here can still use all the other facilities on offer in the house. This is perfect for those who want to cook together with friends and socialise in the big communal space, but then retreat to a quieter part of the house for their study time.
  • The separate apartment, also on the ground floor, is one of the only couples’ apartments on offer. It would be equally suitable for a single tenant wanting a bit more space to themselves. The apartment includes a cosy double bedroom, shower room and living space.
  • The communal space on the second floor is massive. Not only is there a large flat screen TV (equipped with SKY Sports and Movies, licence included in the rent) and ample seating areas, but there is also table tennis and a separate area for playing darts. This is a home that has the party spirit at its core, and is perfect for people who enjoy a fun night in with friends. Previous tenants of Armada House (Tom, Issac, Rob and Ellie) had this to say: “The living room space is huge so we can throw parties and the owner is cool about it!”

A Christmas to Remember

Whether or not you plan on going home for the Christmas season, living in a large property like Armada House offers plenty of opportunity for getting in the Christmas spirit. From decorating the lounge with your flatmates to cosying up and watching feel-good Christmas movies together, this is the place to be for a holiday filled with friends. With two large kitchens on the middle floor, it’s not hard to imagine what kind of feast you could cook up for a Christmas lunch with your mates. Why not organise a secret Santa so that everyone as a present to open after your special meal? This amazing experience could be yours if you decide to rent a room in Armada House.

A Fun Place to Live

“I have really enjoyed staying at Armada House” said Cara (Room 2), tenant of Armada House. We love that our previous tenants comment on how much they’ve enjoyed living in our biggest property, and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy living there too. Did you know that living in a bigger house with more tenants can actually save you money? The big kitchen and dining facilities make is easy for you to shop, cook and eat together. Save cash by buying in bulk and getting those cheap deals, and then take a night off with a cooking rota that gives everyone the chance to don an apron. When you’re living away from home for the first time, it’s easy to get lonely and feel isolated, but in a bustling 15-bed property there will always be somewhere around to spend time with.

Check it Out

Not sure that such a big property is for you? Get a feel for Armada House by looking at the  photo gallery or using the virtual tour program online. The property is only a two-minute walk away from University of Plymouth and Art College, as well as local bars and cafés, and so it’s an offer not to be missed. Also, there are plenty other Student Rooms 4 U properties on the same road, and so you could end up being neighbour to your friends and classmates.

For the year 20/21, prices range from £92pw (including bills), up to £130pw for the separate couple’s apartment. Prices vary depending on room size (remembering that all rooms have double beds) and whether or not the room is en suite. These are competitive prices for a property that is so versatile. Here’s what a previous tenant had to say about Armada House: “I am really loving life at Armada House, the facilities are great… The recently upgraded Wi-Fi is so useful and we all snuggle up on the sofa some evenings when we’ve completed our assessments and watch a SKY Movie which is all inclusive in our rent, it’s like a real cinema night with popcorn.”

Could you be spending next Christmas watching Love Actually with your mates and enjoying mugs of hot chocolate (with Baileys, whipped cream and sprinkles!) in this fabulous house? Arrange your viewing before the holidays to avoid missing out!

Call us today on 01752 849232 for more details. You won’t be disappointed.